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Scope of payroll processing and labour management services Print E-mail

1.) Recurring payroll services:

  • gross pay calculation (basic salary, wage supplements, occasional payments, cost reimbursements, etc.);
  • calculation of payroll related taxes and contributions;
  • recording and processing of garnishments [NO SUCH WORD IN ENGLISH DO YOU MEAN DISBURSEMENTS] and other deductions;
  • preparation of payroll slips and other outputs broken down by employees or by cost centers for managerial and operational use;
  • data recording and processing in connection with voluntary pension and health insurance funds, reporting to the pension funds;
  • recording of wage and labour-related data (registration of personnel information, holiday and sick leave balances);
  • providing data and information for posting into the General Ledger;
  • data reports and certificates related to payroll processing (to the tax and social security authorities, the Statistical Office, etc.).

2.) Full range of Social Insurance management

3.) Tasks related to new comers and departing employees

4.) Annual services connected to payroll processing and social security administration

5.) Preparation and submission of tax declarations

6.) Payroll disbursement services:

  • movement of all payments, calculated during the pay processing cycle (net salary, tax,  social security, etc.);
  • specified data reports for the Client's accounting.

7.) Other services upon separate written request including:

  • cafeteria management;
  • tax advisory;
  • labour management;
  • HR consultancy.

Contact: István Rajkai, managing director
Phone: (36)-1-460-74-12
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